rebecca Stone


Meet rebecca 

Hey there! I'm Becca, integrationist. I've spent my life investigating the crucial ingredients required for change to take root in a human being. I studied social work, neuroscience, breathwork, the subconscious mind and ancient healing techniques before creating my own proprietary approach. I only do what I do because my method works--my clients change. But the fun part for me is continuing to harness new possibilities for transformation.

When clients come to see me, they know they can trust me to provide the most thorough and research-backed healing experience available. Clients value my discretion, my ethical standards and the compassionate lens I bring to any situation. As a practitioner I have over 1,000 hours experience facilitating sessions, but each client is an opportunity to learn something new! I stay on the cutting-edge of scientific research and holistic techniques to ensure clients receive every conceivable solution. I pursue new trainings, meet 1:1 with a neurobiologist to go over new research, and participate in a monthly training group for therapists.

Not sure if my work is for you? Feel free to check out my website to learn more, or book a Discovery Call to get all your questions answered :)



Embody Session
In an embody session I approach your body as an archive of experiences, and teach you how to work with the felt sense to facilitate transformation on all levels. together we work to release any trauma, tension and resistance so that you and your body can step into the life you want. I use my proprietary method which blends shamanic practices, breathwork, guided meditation and bioenergetics among other techniques.

Possibilities Session
In a possibilities session I change your subconscious beliefs and rewire your neural pathways, releasing limiting or traumatic experiences that are lodged in your brain and replacing them with new, positive thought patterns. we'll use dialogue, meditation, psychodrama and visualization exercises to harness the brain's electrical currents and redirect them to facilitate permanent transformation.