Abigail Bialk


Meet abigail 

I lived much of my early life trying to fit into everyone else’s expectations of who I should be. I wanted to make them happy over making myself happy. By my mid 20’s I realized I couldn’t keep playing this game. My anxiety was through the roof, my body was constantly breaking down, and I struggled maintaining positive relationships.

This is when I began the work, the work of dismantling all the programming that had occurred up until this point. I had to release blocks, emotions, and confront aspects of myself I was deeply ashamed of. I also had to learn how to love myself for exactly who I was and without the need for external validation. This work is hard but my god it’s freeing.

And so if you find yourself lost, unsure of who you are or what you are doing, let’s set up some time to see what’s going on and how we can begin unfolding you into your truest self.


When you’re feeling off, listless, and unsure where to turn this is a beautiful sign that you are ready for your next big step. The problem is more often that we don’t know what that step is or how to get there. Don’t worry this is normal, been there done that, and this is something that we can work on together in an intuitive counseling session.

We’ll take some time to get to know each other and understand where you are and where you want to go. We’ll use astrology and tarot to help guide conversations and point to blocks in your life. These sessions tend to be a big release for people, so be ready to show up with an open heart and mind.

We'll use tarot and astrology to help guide our conversations. And we'll end the session with some recommended reading and resources to help you on your journey.