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Sometimes we just need an energetic tune-up.  This monthly subscription offer includes 3 redeemable 30 minute virtual reiki sessions per month for three months. Any un-used appointments roll over into the next month. 

Reiki Tune-up Subscription 

This package is priced at a 25% discounted rate of a typical 30 minute session price.

$135 monthly / 3 months

Redeem a session

Ali offers Levels I-IV Reiki Certifications and Attunements both privately and in groups. To book an Attunement/Certification, please select from the below courses she is currently offering.

Level I (Private)


meet alexandra

Ali is passionate about the intersection of the creative process and conscious living; the space between methodical and mysterious.  As a founding member of Holisticism, her background in the tech industry as a product designer and product manager and her committed daily meditation and yoga practices make her a unique facilitator.  Ali is committed to living and working in such a way that integrates and nourishes both her practical and intuitive sides, to live creatively, spaciously, and with integrity. 


Reiki Healing Session

Each reiki session is unique, and intuits your needs. Ali may use crystals to supplement the Reiki healing experience. Sessions are offered in person, using a hands-on or hovering method of healing to rebalance the energy in the body, and restore your innate capacity to self-heal.

Distance Reiki Healing Session

As Reiki works on the energetic level, physical presence is not required for the session. These sessions are offered remotely, and are equally as impactful as an in-person session . Ali will touch in first on a brief call, and then offer distance healing after the check-in. 

client testimonies

My Reiki I attunement via Ali was incredibly special. The process was beautifully ritualized, and thorough, and I appreciated her attentive care in both teaching and practice. I now feel well equipped to practice Reiki by experiencing her healing power, knowledge and thoughtfulness.
Ali will make you a believer. A believer in yourself, your energy within, and the energy all around you. With little experience in the holistic world, I decided to try Reiki with the expectation of nothing more than a soothing experience. I left the session with so much more — mystified by the sensations and thoughts that emerged during our short time together. I recommend Ali’s services to anyone and everyone. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.
— Lauren O.