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Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a healing session where we will use both classic Usui reiki techniques while also applying Shamanic practices to release emotional blocks and traumas. The client will receive hands on reiki while going into deep meditative states where we will journey together to learn more deeply about ourselves. The client will be guided to self-heal, transmute and remove their own energetic blocks and negative thought patterns. We will use a variety of natural tools to assist with the healing like rattles, rocks, flowers, shells and the elements.We can do this in person or over distance depending where you are located.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Quantum healing hypnotherapy is a process coined by the late Dolores Cannon. Each session involves working with higher aspects of our multi-dimensional consciousness to bring understanding, closure and healing to past traumas. We will work with your higher aspect as a guide to journey through past/concurrent/future lives and answer specific questions drafted by you! Each session takes approximately 4 hours.

Light Language Healing and Soul Guidance

Light Language is a channeled form of energy healing in the form of sound and patterning. We will work together to uncover the soul's needs of the moment, and I will channel Light Language to heal, clear wounding, clear blockages, and raise your vibration. Light Language is an effective, easy way to open the heart wide open and heal necessary elements.

packages and subscriptions

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1 hour Weekly Healing Sessions with a choice between 4 Shamanic Reiki or Light Language & Soul Guidance Sessions, or a combination

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Monthly Bundle

A subscription containing 1 hour Weekly Healing Sessions with a choice between 4 Shamanic Reiki or Light Language & Soul Guidance Sessions, or a combination

(3 month minimum)

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meet ali

Born and raised in New York, I've always been fascinated by spirituality, past lives and healing. My first spiritual "oooooh" came after reading Brian Weiss's Many Lives Many Masters. I sought experiences in past life regression out of curiosity and always held the mentality that there was more to what we perceive in the world we live in; That life was beyond death. It wasn't until I started my own self love journey however, that the true transformation began. I grew to recognize the power of the self, the power of belief, and how the imagination could help transform my life. We are innately beings of love, infinite wisdom, and power.

It's through intention, shamanic journeying, and connecting one's own inner guidance that change can happen. The Inner Gaze is not the solution, it's a tool to help people realize their own infinite power and ability to heal and transform. I would love to help facilitate your journey.