alle weil


Meet alle 

Alle Weil is a Holistic Nutritionist, founder of Flora ex Machina and creator of the adaptogenic spread, Royal Ghee. Alle has worked for leaders in the wellness and culinary industries for over 15 years as a nutritionist, writer, educator and culinary developer before creating her own wellness company, Flora ex Machina, where she offers her products and nutritionally-based services. Her own debilitating symptoms led her to find accessible solutions to growing modern-day health issues. Alle’s unique integrative approach to health and nutrition deeply individualizes health and infuses ancient modalities with modern science and intuitive healing for a truly sustainable practice. She believes there is no one way to eat and that the path to balancing health is as unique as the individual. Alle specializes in uncovering hidden food allergies and correcting digestive issues, women’s health and hormonal imbalances, and mood-related issues.


Initial Nutrition Consultation

Each new client begins with a thorough initial 60-minute evaluation where health history, blood work (not necessary, but often helpful), weekly food journal, and health and wellness goals will be reviewed and discussed to create a customized wellness protocol.

Follow-Up Nutrition Consultation

Follow-ups are recommended 1-2 weeks after initial consultation, and then on a monthly basis depending on current health status and goals. LIMITED TO CLIENTS THAT HAVE ALREADY HAD AN INITIAL CONSULTATION SESSION. Clients who have not had a session in over 5-months will need to be reassessed with a longer 60-minute consult.