Alyssa Zulueta


MEET alyssa

Alyssa is a native New Yorker, relocated to Florida in 2015. She is a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach and is genuinely passionate about helping others reconnect, develop and refine their relationship with themselves. Self - it’s an imperative word in our lives. It takes on many forms and identities, and is the foundation for how we identify, function and relate with the world around us. How we treat ourselves sets the tone for our life and the standard for others to treat us. How we honor our self reflects the balance within.

Raised in a hard working family in the business capital of the country, Alyssa is an entrepreneur at heart. Her own journey started with “what’s next”. She struggled to find her own path and soon realized it all began with her. Integrating practical strategies and soulful studies, True North Jax is based around the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe with a mission to create balance, develop self love and mindfulness, and cultivate a healthy mindset. Coaching is goal oriented, and tailored to the individual. It is big-picture focused and holistic in nature, creating balance in all aspects of self. As part of her practice, Alyssa also offers medication guidance and mindfulness workshops.

Honor your self. Find your happy. Discover your True North.


Through our sessions, we will learn how you can balance your time and life. Self uncover is a huge part in this, we’ll gain a better understanding of your thought patterns and beliefs, and cultivate a healthy mindset that empowers the life you want to live. Prioritize yourself and develop self care strategies in a way that make sense, so you don’t feel ‘all over the place’ and eventually burn out. Cultivate mindfulness to remain in the present moment, reducing stress and anxiety. Set meaningful goals and discover feasible action plans.