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Human Design Reading

Here are just a few things you will discover in this 75-minute reading, done via Zoom:

  • Your true direction and destiny in this life

  • Your relationship with money and how to be more magnetic with it

  • How to work with and understand stress according to your unique design

  • What parts of you are open to taking on energy and conditioning from others, and how to use it to your advantage

  • How to ignore what doesn’t serve you and get back to your true identity

  • How to most effectively make important decisions, making sure they are fully aligned with you

  • About how some of society’s popular advice may or may not work for you

  • The way to approach your eating that’s correct for you

  • Why certain environments make you feel so at home

  • The best way for you to communicate to be heard

  • Plus a little bit about other people’s energy to give you an understanding of how you effectively can work together

  • You will be able to record this call through Zoom if you wish

Human Design Keynote

Keynote is a beautifully put together digital file that gives you a personalized look at the more introductory level components in your chart. Having your Keynote will help you start to understand and integrate some of the key features of your chart at your own pace. The things you will learn from your Keynote are:

  • The strengths and vulnerabilities of your type

  • Detailed information about your Profile and how it relates to how you interact with people

  • Approachable ways to follow your Strategy and Authority

  • How to identify when you’re experiencing the not-self, and how to get back to your natural state

  • Information about your personal destiny

  • Perfect for those who want some actionable key takeaways to start working with as well as those using it in combination with a reading for deeper self-understanding

human design keynote

Keynote is a beautifully put together digital file that gives you a personalized look at the more introductory level components in your chart. (Described in more detail above)

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You’ve had a reading, have been doing the work, and now you’ve hit a roadblock. Aligning with your design doesn’t happen overnight, it’s always going to be a work in progress.

During our time together, I will offer insight on how to get through the places that you’re stuck so that you can shed the false characteristics and beliefs that are holding you back from evolving into your most authentic and magnetic self. Holding on to detailed notes from all of my client sessions coupled with some superpowers hidden in my own chart allows me to really see you, hear you, and feel for you.

A custom curriculum will be built out for you based on your needs. Your Human Design chart will serve as a guide to how you can best clear and re-build conditioning to move you closer to your goals.

This offering is only available to those who have had a Human Design Reading with me

Package includes three 50 minute calls, to be scheduled once per month

These sessions take place via Zoom, you may record them if you wish

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meet amanda

I am a Manifesting Generator, a wife, a mom and a major Harry Potter fan. I grew up in New England and currently live in Nevada. I’ve been following Astrology since I was in my teens, which gave me a natural interest in Human Design. Studying my Human Design as well as those around me has empowered me to approach my life, parenting and relationships in a more aligned way. My process is to read the chart as it is and to intuitively find the path of least resistance to start helping you to de-condition. We pick up conditioning every day, and it’s important to recognize this when you see it so that it doesn’t continue to take you further away from your design.

Follow Amanda at @intuitivegalaxy.