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I am a Manifesting Generator, a wife, a mom and a major Harry Potter fan. I grew up in New England and currently live in Nevada. I’ve been following Astrology since I was in my teens, which gave me a natural interest in Human Design. Studying my Human Design as well as those around me has empowered me to approach my life, parenting and relationships in a more aligned way. My process is to read the chart as it is and to intuitively find the path of least resistance to start helping you to de-condition. We pick up conditioning every day, and it’s important to recognize this when you see it so that it doesn’t continue to take you further away from your design.


Intuitive Human Design Reading

In this reading, I will give you insight into how you were born to operate and take a look at where you've been vulnerable to conditioning. I'll help you to find the best way to make choices, manifest, communicate, work, etc.