Amanda huggins


Meet Amanda

I've developed 360° mental wellness programs that have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase overall happiness, productivity, and self-love.

For years, I was wildly unhappy with my life: despite everything looking good from the outside, I was crumbling beneath the weight of severe anxiety, body dysmorphia, and a complete disconnection between my mind, body, and actions.

I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and shifted my focus towards yoga, meditation, and self-study. The skills I learned have been invaluable in my journey towards true happiness, and it's my job to share what I've learned with as many people as possible. I'm a firm believer that we all deserve to be the best damn versions of ourselves possible.

Today, my core mission is to shatter the notion of “perfection”, and use the tools I've developed to help others to see the real, raw, authentic potential within…with more ease, less anxiety, and a lot bit more fun along the way.


Discovery Call

A introductory call to learn more about Amanda's offerings and understand which program best suits your needs.

Coaching Call

Dive deeper into your own personal development and learn practical skills and tools to help you live your best life. 

Both the 4- and the 6-week programs are designed for those who are hungry to do real work and create significant change in their anxiety levels. Just like working out and building muscle, moving out the noise in our own heads takes dedication, practice, and resolve...and it's Amanda’s job to lovingly support and guide her clients on that journey.

This work can be used as a standalone tool, or as a compliment to therapy. Clients can apply these deeper tactics for a holistic (mind-body-soul) approach.

Private In-Person Guided Yoga Session

Private In-Person Guided Meditation Session


"Ugh, how could you not love Amanda!? She's funny, and honest, and real AF. We get along because girlfriend is all about giving you real-life solutions to help manage and work through anxiety ... which we all have, because #2018. Promise, your call with her will be the most fun you've ever had talking about anxiety, ever. Oh yeah, and her yoga classes? They kick ass."

- Michelle 


Coaching Subscriptions

Subscription packages offer coaching calls at reduced rates. Each of are designed to serve your needs, and best accommodate your financial situation.

$1640 total, to be paid in 4 monthly payments of $410 each

$2400 total, to be paid in 6 monthly payments of $400 each

$3200 total, to be paid in 10 monthly payments of $320 each

The Maintenance Package is great for clients who have worked with Amanda as a coach, and just need the occasional check-in. This package offers you 6, 30 minute calls to use as needed over the course of 3 months.