Amanda huggins


Meet Amanda

After spending nearly a decade in the startup space, Amanda broke past her own fears to follow her calling for helping leaders break past internal barriers of self-worth, fear, and anxiety.

Amanda’s work is rooted in Universal Law and the concept of emotional “rinsing and process”, a method designed to help clients release the barriers holding them back from finding true happiness and success.

Amanda is a leading "Life Talk" creator on the MoveWith platform, and is a Mental Health co-host on the “Critical Conversations” podcast, a weekly series created to discuss full-spectrum health as it relates to a positive lifestyle. She has appeared on “Good Morning La La Land” hosted by Dr. Erin (named one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs by Forbes), “The Golden Mic” with International best-selling author Marc Cordon, and is currently developing anti-anxiety programs with two major companies in the startup space. She also hosts online and in-person workshops designed to help clients break past stress & anxiety.

Amanda has trained and studied under mindfulness industry leaders including Bryan Kest, Mastin Kipp, Melanie Klein (founder of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition), and more. She has been published in Yoga International, Gaiam, and helped to develop the book, Yoga Rising. Previously, she has taught yoga and/or mindfulness at companies like Tesla, VaynerMedia, Distributed Global, and more. In addition to her group work, Amanda works as an anxiety coach with a select number of clients. While Amanda works with clients around the world, she currently resides in California.


Discovery Call

A introductory call to learn more about Amanda's offerings and understand which program best suits your needs.


I work with clients to break past their "shadow" emotions (fear, low self-worth, judgement, anxiety) to create major, functional shifts in their lives. I have been trained under two specific lineages of coaching: David Neagle's work, rooted in Universal Law, and Mona Miller's work, rooted in the concept of "rinsing and processing" of long-held emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors that keep us small. I also apply my own direct experience with depression & anxiety to help each client reach their emotional, personal, and professional goals. Each plan is customized for my clients - I don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to healing. This work is extremely powerful and extremely real. I offer myself and my services as a container for my clients: deep emotional support, deep love, and a completely judgement-free space to unravel & rebuild.


"Ugh, how could you not love Amanda!? She's funny, and honest, and real AF. We get along because girlfriend is all about giving you real-life solutions to help manage and work through anxiety ... which we all have, because #2018. Promise, your call with her will be the most fun you've ever had talking about anxiety, ever. Oh yeah, and her yoga classes? They kick ass."

- Michelle