Ambi Kavanagh


meet ambi 

Alchemy with Ambi was birthed through my personal journey of alchemy which started with my spiritual awakening—aka cosmic b*tch slapping—in 2008 (thanks, Pluto in Capricorn!). 

I was an entertainment lawyer and an on air legal expert living in London. 

My awakening and subsequent journey led to me uprooting my personal life, moving far across the oceans and changing my career entirely.

Over the years I have studied with many different spiritual teachers, traveled across the world to holy sites, attended numerous workshops/courses and obtained certifications and trainings, resulting in me becoming a life coach, astrologer, reiki master, sound healer, meditation teacher and now, podcast host!

Ultimately these new skills all enabled me to align my professional life with my soul’s purpose and passion; helping others to create alchemy in their lives. 

Why We Love ambi 

"Ambi is an incredibly talented astrologer—her readings are insightful, honest, grounded, and actually applicable for everyday life. She's also hilarious (uhm, hi, have you listened to her podcast?!), and she just makes you feel at ease during your reading while dropping tons of knowledge on you. I highly recommend having your recorder ready for your sesh—you're not going to want to miss a word of what she shares!"

- Michelle