An-Sofie Mattelaer


meet An-Sofie 

After yoga helped support my recovery from an eating disorder, it shifted the perspective of my life. Instead of molding myself into a version that matched others people’s expectations of me, I started to focus my energy towards building my own potential from the inside out – mind, body and soul.

I started to really come home into my body and to unlock all the possibilities, nuances and wisdom that come with living in this embodied and natural way.

I started to really come home into a vision for my life that was completely my own, one I could tap into and grow into in a sustainable way without sacrificing the joy of the moment.

In the meantime I was teaching yoga classes and it felt amazing to pass on the art that helped me so much before, however, I wanted to offer people more than just the experience in a class, more than just a glimpse of what happens when we drop tension, when we start to move and think more freely.

That is why  I became a certified life coach: in order to go beyond the mat, deep into the lives of my clients.

That is why I am here, to help you move beyond general practises and yoga (or other) philosophies, and give you the tools to apply them in your life so you can soar without losing your core in your own unique way. So you can start dreaming big for yourself without losing your contentment here and now. So you can develop your own vision and the roadmap that will bring you there. So you can heal what is blocking you on the way there.  

So you can arrive: embodied, present and in alignment with your vision. So you can arrive, here, and fully be.



Vision Coaching Session

The Embodied Vision Program uses the principles of yoga and nature to integrate all of you—mind, body and heart, so you can live powerfully in the direction of your vision, connected to your purpose while deeply enjoying the present moment.

Well-Being Coaching Session

In our Well-Being Coaching Session we'll look at all of the dimensions of your life—work, exercise, nourishment, emotions, and mindset—affect your every day well-being. Together, we'll find solutions to support you as you live your best life.