anna cantwell


Meet anna  

 A difficult path of anxiety, chronic pain, and trauma led Anna to the healing modalities she celebrates. Trained in Vinyasa and influenced by Forrest yoga, she works with clients to move and release trauma in the body through yoga. A meditator from a young age, she embraced a Tibetan Buddhist lineage in traditional Mindfulness Meditation. Her unique connection with animals began with some spectacular experiences as a child, and she has continued to study Animal speak, Medicine cards, and connection to the natural world through meditation.


Private Yoga

In the privacy of my home studio, or of your own home, melt into bliss with a sensory experience tailored to you. Enjoy 60 minutes of yoga sequenced around your goals, injuries, sensitivities, as well as an essential oils consultation and aromatherapy, a curated playlist, and remarkable hands-on adjustments.

Private Meditation

In the privacy of my home studio, or of your own home, experience superior mindfulness meditation instruction. We will practice breathwork, aromatherapy, and varying styles of meditation to discover what works with your body, mind, and spirit. Leave feeling empowered in your personal practice + uplifted.

Spirit Animal Reading

Rooted in the Medicine Wheel + animal medicine cards, tap into your animal totems and receive messages, guidance, and wisdom. Grow your existing connection to spirit guides, animals, and the natural world.