antoinette beauchamp


meet Antoinette

Antoinette's mission is to help mold the world into a more conscious, compassionate and harmonious place one person at a time. Her approach to coaching is firmly grounded on the incredible power of love. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, IPEC., ELI- MP., and 200-hr RYT, Antoinette celebrates love as the ultimate vehicle for support and growth, embracing it as the ideal way to gently guide others toward living their most optimal, fulfilled lives.

Intuitive and insightful, Antoinette’s coaching philosophy, honors each client’s personal values and desires, working from the ground up to help them take the reigns of their full potential. Her experiences traveling the globe, leaving behind the world of fashion for the pursuit of self-exploration, delving into the field of life coaching and teaching yoga taught her to live heart first, one deep breath at a time.

Antoinette works with her clients to foster this same sense of self-trust, confidence and introspection needed to heal or transform not only old belief systems but also thoughts and behaviors. All of this work ultimately raises the energy/vibration of each client, so that the world works for them not against them!



Private Virtual Coaching Session

Private coaching can be an amazing, enlightening experience. Antoinette is well trained in helping YOU increase your energy and step into your power. To have someone in your corner, holding you accountable, and giving you space to share, release, and explore the inner workings of your heart and name it! All packages are unique and created to fit the needs of each client!