arik xander


meet arik

Arik is an Astrologician, which describes the synthesis of astrologer and natural healer. As healer he coined, practices and teaches Central Medicine. As astrologer he opened the Astrolochi® University, which offers a transformative journey through the astrological archetypes. In a full time consulting practice, he combines both in his unique approach. In addition to his individual reading sessions and teaching Astrolochi®, he hosts international retreats and in-depth 1-on-1 programs for those committed to transformation.


Astrolochi® Balancing

Using kinesiology and astrology, this session will get to the root of and help to remove blockages to whatever your goals are. We can address issues on structural, emotional, nutritional, emotion and karmic levels. Can be done long distance.

DASH® Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Positive, empowering, honest and life changing. A Birth Chart Reading is an enlightening interpretation of your archetypal patterns, which explains how to overcome your karmic handicaps and how to activate your talents to direct or manifest the reality you want. We all have the free will to overcome karma, and this session bestows the map to do so.

DASH® Solar Return Reading

Also known as a birthday reading, this strategy provides a lot of information about your potential for your next trip around the sun. We will cover major themes and you will receive a strong sense of clarity and tools for all levels of life.

DASH® Progressed Chart

See what the universe is asking of you now and develope a game plan to get you there. Should be read every six months.