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Intention Consultation

If you feel like a shift in life needs to happen but you don't know where to begin, let's break it down and figure it out. In the Intention Consultation, we will discuss various aspects of life including nutrition, self-love and care, sexuality and your sense of place.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Together we will develop an intuitive eating plan for your body's needs. My food philosophy is based on choosing real foods and minimizing processed items from your diet. In addition to a personalized holistic food plan, I can help you incorporate herbs and medicinal plants to up your inner vibe and get you feeling great, naturally.

Creative Introspection

Art has the potential to reveal the inner workings of your mind and spirit. Join me as we walk through an artistic and creative journey discovering your self. Each session begins with a meditation and intuitive card draw. Following the meditation, we will set an intention and choose your creative medium. I will give your prompts to which you can respond through writing, drawing, painting or photography. By the end of the session, you will have an artistic map to your intuitive mind. We will end the session discussing what you have created and interpret your design.

Energy Work: Reiki

Nature Therapy

How many times do you let yourself wander in nature and allow yourself time to moments of tranquility and connection? Nature Therapy gets you out of your head and into a place where observation can lead you to deeper insight. Choose an overnight stay in the Nativa Cabañas for a peaceful and unique experience in nature.

packages and subscriptions

Holistic Nutrition Coaching Package

includes 6 Nutrition Coaching sessions, 15% discount

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meet ashley

Ashley Casillas is the owner of Nativa Wellbeing. Nativa is a sense of satisfaction with who you are today. It is the present and all that it implies. Ashley is here to work with you as you are and help you appreciate each step in the process of discovering who you are becoming.

Ashley seeks to inspire present awareness and deeper connections through the practice of meditation, energy work, intuitive care and self exploration through creative development.