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Coaching plans offer coaching calls at reduced rates, over a set period of time. Each of are designed to serve your needs, and best accommodate your financial situation. Plans and packages never expire

4-Week Anxiety & Empowerment Coaching Plan

For 4, 60 minute coaching sessions, pay a $600 deposit, and two biweekly payments of $500

Or, pay in full and save $300

6-Month Anxiety & Empowerment Coaching Plan

For 24, 60 minute coaching sessions. pay a $1600 deposit, and 6 monthly payments of $900.

Or, pay in full and save $1,300


Have Lindsey at your event to create a special experience for your guests. Lindsey is available for two or three hour periods, and can offer longer upon request.


Three Hour Event: Tarot and Crystal Readings

Great for groups of 15-20

Two Hour Event: Tarot and Crystal Readings

Great for groups up to 10

meet lindsey

After spending nearly a decade in the startup space, Amanda broke past her own fears to follow her calling for helping leaders break past internal barriers of self-worth, fear, and anxiety.

Amanda’s work is rooted in Universal Law and the concept of emotional “rinsing and process”, a method designed to help clients release the barriers holding them back from finding true happiness and success.

Amanda is a leading "Life Talk" creator on the MoveWith platform, and is a Mental Health co-host on the “Critical Conversations” podcast, a weekly series created to discuss full-spectrum health as it relates to a positive lifestyle. She has appeared on “Good Morning La La Land” hosted by Dr. Erin (named one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs by Forbes), “The Golden Mic” with International best-selling author Marc Cordon, and is currently developing anti-anxiety programs with two major companies in the startup space. She also hosts online and in-person workshops designed to help clients break past stress & anxiety.

Amanda has trained and studied under mindfulness industry leaders including Bryan Kest, Mastin Kipp, Melanie Klein (founder of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition), and more. She has been published in Yoga International, Gaiam, and helped to develop the book, Yoga Rising. Previously, she has taught yoga and/or mindfulness at companies like Tesla, VaynerMedia, Distributed Global, and more. In addition to her group work, Amanda works as an anxiety coach with a select number of clients. While Amanda works with clients around the world, she currently resides in California.


"Lindsey is a special soul. Her whimsical, humble yet confident nature makes for such a fun, nourishing and enriching reading experience. I have seen Lindsey for many modes of intuitive readings; reiki, crystal readings, chart reading, and tarot. Lindsey knows how to share just the right amount of information in a reading—she never leaves you feeling like your fate is set in stone, yet empowers you with enough with detail for you to navigate your path, and the decisions ahead and she helps illuminate the forces at play in your situation."  - Ali 


Intuitive Reading and Guidance Session

Need clarity and guidance?  A reading is recommended if you feel stuck, uncertain, or alone in navigating through particular short term scenarios or longer term transitions such as relationships, living situations, career changes, family, or health issues.

Remote Energy Healing Session

A remote healing helps to remove energetic blockages, outdated programs, cords, and attachments and to open energy channels promoting the flow of life force through your body.  This work aids in restoring emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and helps align you with your true nature and highest self. 

client testimonies

My appointment with Lindsey was excellent. She was incredibly in tune and able to give constructive practical guidance. Her ability to translate information was spot on and she was able to communicate ideas in ways I was able to understand and apply in my life. Not sure how Holisticism connected with Lindsey, but you have a winner there!
— Jordan M.
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— Jonathan L.