celia polyzou


Meet celia 

Born & raised in Greece, Celia moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree & a career in the music industry. After realizing that the most rewarding journey is the journey inside, Celia founded CANYON TRIBE in an effort to share the healing powers of a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

A world traveler, rock'n'roll devotee & follower of all physical & spiritual practices, she believes that the key to a happy life is embracing your unique & authentic self.

For more info and to book a session please visit https://canyontribe.com.



Our reiki session will include meditation exercises, crystal and sound healing as well as aromatherapy to help you release, rest and reset.

Mat Pilates

Strengthen your core, tone your body, gain flexibility, improve your posture, increase your stamina and gain mental clarity through a series of pilates exercises performed on the mat with the use of various props. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa flow class focusing on proper alignment and creating a strong foundation while enhancing balance, strength, and flexibility. For beginner and intermediate level students.

Mindfulness Meditation

Learn how to bring more mindfulness in your every day life. This meditation technique will help you synchronize body and mind.