david isaacson


meet david

I started my formal healing practice as an Acupuncturist in the early '90's and soon discovered I could affect a healing on clients without touch. Since then, I have been expanding and evolving my abilities, sharing this work online since 1999. As a healer, teacher and guide on the journey of becoming, I am committed to empowering my clients to discover and fulfill their true potential in this life and beyond.


Most ALL of my work is transmitted non verbally and remotely (long distance). Here is a small list of some of my many services: Soul Retrieval, Exorcisms and Psychic Surgery, Space Clearing, Initiations, Kundalini Activations and Ascension, Ancestral Healing, Cellular Memory Release, Core Clearing, Geometric - Matrix Repatterning/Reprograming, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Spirit Downloads, Completing Negating or Renegotiating Soul and Karmic Contracts, Feng Shui - Geomancy, Dowsing, Shamanic Journeys...