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Meet devin

A scientific curiosity led to Devin becoming being a board certified and licensed acupuncturist and primary care medical provider but as a mystic with movement centered nature, Devin practices acupuncture as an extension of subtle body energy work. 

Devin was educated in acupuncture and herbal pharmacology at Dong Guk University in Los Angeles graduating with a Master's in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and completed her fellowship at University of Southern California's USC Medical Center. Devin completed her undergraduate degree at American Jewish University in Bel Air. She has studied, practiced and taught yoga since 1993.  She has offices in midcity and Malibu, house/set/office calls are available. Medical insurance is also accepted. 


Acupuncture Session

This session is in person and will entail a detailed evaluation of health history and present concerns presented with treatment recommendations and can include acupuncture, massage/ bodywork, cupping, crystals, essential oils or flower essences or other adjunct modalities as appropriate.  Appointments are available both for cosmetic and general medical concerns.

Virtual Sessions are offered for health consultations covering herbal pharmacology, mediation, health coaching and functional medicine nutritional testing. 

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