Dr. Herman SJr. (A.A., B.A., B.Msc., M.A., M.Msc., Mpsy.D.)


Meet Dr. herman sjr. 

Dr HermanSJr. is the globally sought-after Global Change Agent, Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, business consultant of multi-million dollar businesses across the world, university instructor at five universities, expert featured in 25+ media platforms across countries, industries, and languages, whose program is undertaken by a global university certifying people under his name and program. He teaches holistic problem solving using highly-engaging psychological strategies and the concept of Interconnectivity that controls this physical world and universe, as well as one’s successes, and which surrounds us all every day.

I'm passionate about being involved in every step of nourishment, from seed and soil to spoon and table. I have always had a love for the natural world, nourishing nature and having it nourish me in return. Through the years I have been on a journey to understand the patterns of living holistically by cultivating a healthy relationship to food, learning the powerful medicine of herbs, movement, travel, and land stewardship.

My journey of facilitating nourishment for my clients started from working on a Permaculture Farm, as personal chef, and Integrative Health Coach to apprenticing with several ancestral healers and herbalist throughout the Americas. By observing the patterns of nature, I have come to understand each person as an ecosystem. We are constantly evolving, changing with the seasons of life and thus what supports our greatest health also is in flux. We were all born with the potential to live vibrant lives, nourished by passion, relationships, spiritual connection and REAL food. I guide my clients to understand their unique body ecosystem and empower them to create the life of root nourishment.


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