elaine oyang


MEET elaine

Elaine Oyang is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and Wellness Advocate since 2013. Elaine holds a degree in biology with extensive training in holistic nutrition and yoga therapy. She found her passion in yoga therapy after closely working with chronic pain patients at a pain rehabilitation clinic.

Elaine specializes in Restorative-style Yoga Therapy (Svaroopa and Spinal Release Yoga) to help clients manage chronic pain and fatigue. Her specialty focuses on nurturing the nervous system in order to resolve symptoms at deeper levels and rejuvenate from within. Elaine believes in meeting her clients where they are, and compassionately supporting them through personalized yoga therapy sessions, stress management, and lifestyle coaching. When working with her clients, she always has these end-goals in mind: to empower her clients to believe in themselves and to independently be able to manage and resolve their pain with strategic yoga therapy methods.

In addition to her private work, Elaine teaches two classes, Senior Yoga and Yoga for Back Care, at Thriveability Yoga in the West Portal neighborhood. She has also taught in Taipei, Taiwan and Sydney, Australia throughout her teaching career.

Be sure to check out Elaine's Instagram page for functional yoga and basic ergonomic video tutorials!


1:1 Yoga Therapy Sessions {Spinal Release Yoga Therapy}

55 minutes customized restorative yoga therapy session that is designed to decompress the spine and its associated muscles. The sequence is strategized to resolve deep tensions in the sacrum, lumbar spine, psoas, thoracic spine, and cervical spine. This restorative and therapeutic yoga is extremely beneficial for those with SI joint issues, sciatica, lower back pain, neck/shoulder tension, and migraines/headaches.