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Born and raised multilingual in the Mediterranean, Eli has always had a strong passion for food, connecting with new people and traveling to unexplored new places around the globe. She is a committed yogi, surfer, plant-based advocate, and loves sharing the principles of a healthy lifestyle with her clients as well as her closest friends and family. 

Beyond healing. Eli is business and design savvy.   Eli has a BA in Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a penchant for aesthetics. This balanced skill set has allowed Eli to support many practitioners in making their online and offline businesses a reality.  Eli loves developing websites, and design flyers, and creates custom plant-based menus for clients. She also organizes and produces events and retreats, from 10 to 500+ people. 


Eli is the real deal, and a beautiful soul. She lives what she teaches, and exudes a presence of a joy and grace. Eli is flexible, focused and committed to serving anyone she works with, with her whole heart. 



Holistic Health Coaching

I embrace Bioindividuality, and encourage you to trust yourself. There are new diets, tips and tricks that sometimes even contradict each other every day which can be overwhelming and create doubt in what we choose to do. My approach is to develop a practice that allows us to listen to our bodies and adjust to what it needs in the present moment.

I encourage the use of natural ingredients. By going back to basics and limiting our diet to consumption of natural ingredients we allow are bodies to be nourished with foods our organism is designed to digest. Eat organic and local.

Seek truth.  With all of the conflicting information, and trends, I want my clients to learn to differentiate what is true and whats not.

Contemplate. I don't impose a diet on my clients, and I don't believe in deprivation. I  inspire clients to investigate and experiment to learn what's best for their bodies, and hold them accountable. 

Distinguish primary vs secondary foods. Primary foods nourish us! These include our relationships, physical activity, career development and spirituality. Why eat all the kale in the world if we are deficient in our relationship with others or with ourselves?

Travel Slow Flow Yoga

We are always in that go go go mode. A session with Eli involves slowing down, and connecting to your inner state of peace. Open to self-love, watch situations simplify, emotions neutralize and problems ease up. Physically benefit from reduced inflammation due to stress. Each session includes breath awareness techniques throughout, and concludes with a deep oceanic meditation.