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Breathwork Healing Session

Breathwork healing sessions use the breath to address personal triggers, internal stories, suppressed emotions and whatever other shenanigans might be blocking you from living a richer and more fulfilling life. The sessions begin with a 15-20 minute check-in, which segues into a guided breathwork experience. The intention of these sessions are to bring clarity and receptivity to your own inner awareness and truth.

Online Breathwork + Binaural Beats

A monthly subscription designed for you to develop consistency and discipline around your practice.

These meditations utilize breathwork to relax the nervous system and binaural beats to balance the brain; the combo creating a whole new type of experience. With this online membership you can breathe from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the world! The subscription is charged monthly with 12 billing cycles in a year.


Access to two monthly LIVE online breathwork + binaural beats classes (one 45 mins and one 30 mins ), plus recordings for you listen to unlimited until the 30th of the FOLLOWING month (so it's no big deal if you can't attend live), along with a 15 min recording for those times when you are in a pinch but REALLY need a quick reset. The varied lengths allow for you to more easily fit breathwork into your day to day life. A monthly Q + A is also included.   

packages and subscriptions


2 monthly LIVE online breathwork + binaural beats classes, recordings, + 15 min recording

The 5 Pack

5 private breathwork sessions, $125 in Savings

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The 10 Pack

10 private breathwork sessions, $250 in Savings

Redeem a Session


meet eliza

A writer. A poet. A teacher of breathwork and creativity. A healer.

Using breathwork meditation, movement and creative expression, Eliza plays with weaving together the esoteric and the scientific to create experiences for people to connect more deeply to their truth and discover their creative potential.

Through addressing personal triggers, internal stories, suppressed emotions and whatever other shenanigans might be blocking you, this work supports you in living a more rich and fulfilling life.

Eliza’s grounded and clear presence provides the safe space for people to dive in, process and then translate this awareness into their life, their art and all their creations.

The work she shares, while fun, will push your capacity for growth and take you to a new level of awareness.

For close to a decade, Eliza has trained with healer David Elliott, a pioneer in the breathwork/healing space and the creator of the 5 Levels of Healer Training.

Raised in New York, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University in Virginia, followed by a career for several years as a fitness and wellness expert.

why we love eliza

“Eliza and her work are a true gift to have connected with and experienced. Her openness and stillness is contagious and allowed for me to fall into a beautifully calm space during our session. Her guidance throughout the entirety of the session allowed for deep growth within the time we shared. I am signing up for her VARIETY subscription immediately!”

- Carter