Elle chow


meet elle 

You may call Elle an alien of extraordinary ability. Often, we walk around life with a story that prevents us from stepping into our power. It is difficult for us to see our stories in action.

Elle's claircognizant ability allows her to see where her clients are playing small. She has used her claircognizant ability to her advantage and is a high performer in the corporate world.

She holds four degrees and is a graduate from Stanford Law School, Dartmouth College, University of Ottawa and University of Cambridge. She has worked with many modalities including Akashic records, functional medicine, angel frequencies, and manifestation. She is a bridge between the intellect and the mystical, science and spirituality, and left brain and right brain.

Elle's specialty is clearing negativity and stagnant energy, especially through Kundalini Yoga and breathwork, to allow her clients to reach their personal goals. Her clients come away with practical and executable steps for breakthroughs to occur.



Virtual Customized Energetic Clearing Session

Elle's Energetic Clearing Session uses breathwork, Kundalini Yoga and her claircognizant ability to move stagnant and negative energy for clients. In each session, clients come away with practical advice and steps to move towards their manifestation.