ellen bowles


MEET ellen

Ellen is one half of the podcast, The Woke Mystix, a spiritual podcast and platform created as a safe space on the discussion of spirituality, self-care, magic and divinity. Ellen is an intuitive with a focus on astrology, tarot, and moon magic. She has been studying astrology for eleven years, Tarot, and moon magic for four years. Ellen offers in depth and understandable astrology, birth chart, Tarot, and moon readings to help her clients with understanding the planetary energies at work and their own personal spiritual mission. Ellen aims to create a relaxed, comfortable, and unique experience for each client, so that they end their session feeling heard, understood, confident, and clear on how to fulfill their predestined journey.


Birth Chart analysis, 30min-60min

Ellen analyzes the client's individual birth chart and planetary placements to help them understand the energies they carry and to give guidance on ways to fulfill their soul mission in this lifetime, pre written by the stars. 

Astrology Forecasting, 30min-60min 

Ellen creates an individual astrology forecasting about current planetary movements that could affect clients' on an individual basis, and to help them with navigating the universal energies at play during a period time.

Tarot Reading, 15min-60min Tarot reading

Ellen uses Tarot cards to read in depth about clients' current paths.  This can help resolve subconscious or conscious issues they are facing and help with self acceptance, healing, and decision making about ways to move forward and resolve themes within their life path.  These Tarot readings do not predict the future, but help assist the client with decision making of their own free will.

Moon Phase Analysis and Ritual guidance, 15min-60min 

Ellen creates a personal analysis about New Moon and Full Moon placements and phases based upon the client's Birth Chart.  Includes personalized advice about how to honor the Moon phases through ritual work and how to best utilize Moon Magic so the client gets the full effects of the moon's power.