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Authentic Embodiment Through Clown 1:1

So, what is clown? To be a clown is to be able to physically express all aspects of humanity. Clowns are not limited by socialization or normalized behaviors, therefore they have the opportunity, and in Emily’s work – encouragement, to express all of them. It is because of this that clowning is an embodiment practice and spiritual growth tool.

In her work, Emily implements exercises gifted by her mentor, Ira Seidenstein, as well as movement meditations and creative flows in order to give participants the opportunity to dance with their shadow and become authentically embodied.

“I offer one-on-one coaching and group workshops in authentic embodiment and spiritual expansion through clowning and creative movement. In my work I aim to guide students to lead with their body, consciously exploring and shaping their deepest magic. Comprised of a myriad of creative solos, clown exercises and imagination flows, each workshop or session will vary depending on the needs of the student. I aim to offer an environment where the juxtaposition of structure and flow provides a container for the individual’s innate creative wisdom to be expressed and for each student to develop ownership over their individual practice.”

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Emily is a theatre artist and teacher of creative movement and clown. She uses techniques of clown and storytelling as tools for authentic embodiment and spiritual expansion.

Emily deeply believes that the body holds innate wisdom and power, offering an access point to one’s authentic self. A trained stage actor, her yearning for a deeper understanding of the body and its hidden wisdom led her to train in clown and physical theatre in France and Australia. It was during this training that she began to understand that the modality of clowning was not only enabling her to practice and fine tune her creative expression, but that it also allowed her to access her deepest magic. Through her use of clown as an embodiment practice, she began to be an active participant in her own spiritual and healing journey.


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