Emily Holland


Meet emily

Emily is a Registered Holistic Nutrition, specializing in Women's  Health and Hormones, currently residing in Vancouver Island, British  Columbia. Emily helps clients rediscover their intuition; to determine  
what we need and adjust accordingly, to develop sustainable habits and achieve their wellness goals. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist,  Emily works with you to determine the root cause to address health  concerns and reach goals by celebrating clients' bioindividuality. From genetics, history, preferences, values and more, each of these  
must addressed when achieving optimal health.


Holistic Nutrition Offering

My practice joins ancient wisdom and advanced scientific modalities from varied studies which includes: nutrition, herbal medicine, pathology, biology, mind-body-spirit, symptomatology, human anatomy and more.

During our consultations, we’ll look at how your physical, mental, and emotional states are affecting your well-being & discuss practical tools for transformation. From there I’ll create a customized protocol, which includes nutrition & lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic supplement and herbal protocols to support you on your path to whole health.