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Emily Wagner is a Los Angeles based artist and creative. She specializes in creating brand experiences with images and words. This translates to multi-media design collaborations of all kinds from fashion labels, interior designers and home good creators to businesses in need of unique web experiences and compelling content. Her expertise runs the gamut from illustration and painting to digital design and content writing. With her background in film, Emily seeks to find the narrative in a brand's story. Her extensive background in mixed-media arts is the backbone of her one-on-one consulting work for creatives.

Emily migrated to Los Angeles after graduating from Vassar. She came to the land of perpetual sunshine and green juice to pursue a career in film and art and has worked extensively in both. Prior to launching Emily Wagner Studio, Emily was the Creative Director and Principal at Same Dream As You, a multi-media design studio. With her team at SDAY, she has created web, branding, digital and graphic design experiences of all kinds and sizes.

A true super hero of slashes, during her 15 years on NBC's "ER", Emily worked in all areas of the arts: writing, painting, design, branding, filmmaking and interior design. She is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, spin teacher and group fitness instructor. She has taught art and performing arts to children in South Central Los Angeles. As a fine artist, Emily has shown her work internationally, to critical acclaim. Her last two solo shows, exhibited at the Acuna Hansen Gallery in Los Angeles were chosen as LA Weekly’s “Pick of the Week” and her work in group shows received glowing reviews from the LA Times. “Twosome”, her first public video work was shown in the LA Freewaves exhibition at the UCLA Hammer Museum in 2006. Her hand-painted textiles can be seen on the fabrics of Forever 21, Rory Beca, Curio & Kind, Scratch and are sourced by interior designers such as Hillary Thomas and Molly Luektemeyer. Her home goods have been sold at Ten Over Six, Distant LA, Fiore Designs, Chic Shop and One Kings Lane. Emily has written, produced and starred in several films with her brother, noted indie director Andrew Wagner, and longtime collaborator Julie Delpy, all of which went on to have festival runs. She wrote, produced, directed and starred in the popular web-series comedy “Motherhoodlum” on Strike.tv.

She is best known playing Doris Pickman on NBC’s “ER,” for the entire run of the series. She received glowing reviews for her starring role in the Sundance cult hit “The Talent Given Us” in 2007. She also starred in the film “Chronic Town” with Garry Marshall and Paul Dooley, which premiered at Sundance in 2008. More recently, she appeared in Todd Phillips’ “Due Date” with Robert Downey Jr. and co-stars in Julie Delpy’s “Two Days In New York,” with Chris Rock. She can be seen in “Walk of Shame” premiering in Spring 2014.

Emily serves a member of the Graphic Design Advisory Board for LACC. She is also the Editor In Chief of Groomed LA, host of the Groomed LA Podcast, monthly contributor at Mom.me and is a single mom to Arlo and Aria.


One of my deepest passions in life is to be in service helping creatives find their way and why. My years as a multi-hyphenate creative in all aspects of the arts and especially at the intersection of art and business, have given me tremendous insight and depth of experience. I now feel driven to partner with creatives in all stages of development, to help raise creative awareness. My one-on-one work is motivated to ignite, revitalize, tune-up or align your journey to realizing your vision, dream, passion and goals, online and offline, personally and professionally.

This journey to the creative realization of a business, brand or personal vision is arduous, plagued by set-backs, fear, doubt, comparison. Sometimes simply starting is the most confusing part. The feeling of overwhelm and not knowing know where to begin can be paralyzing. It keeps us in pattern of playing small and staying stuck. I am here to help move you through the muck and into clarity. In order to even begin cracking the “how” of what we are calling in, we need to uncover they “why” around our fears, fogginess, insecurity, comparisons and lack of clarity.

Together, we actively do a deep dive to uncover blocks and unconscious patterns that are potentially holding you back from allowing creative dreams, businesses and brands to be fully realized.

I deeply encourage starting with a one month/ four session package. This will ignite you, keep you on task and steep you in the mind-set of realization. You are committed to the process. You desire to tune into the roots of what you are wanting to call into your life or business. You are committed to the process. You desire to tune into the roots of what you are wanting to call into your life or business.

We candidly explore all aspects of mind-set, fears and focus. We identify and explore any shifts that might be necessary in order to fully align with your purpose in order to take the next steps to building out your awesome brand or simply, yourself and asking the right questions to find what YOUR passion is. We work both the unconscious and the actionable.

We get clear on your WHY, WHAT and WHO and also the WHY, WHAT and WHO of your customer. Maybe right now, this means figuring out what you want to create! We define everything about you, your (potential) brand and product so that we know exactly how to identify and target your customer. Maybe the customer right now is you. We work to define what lights you up because ultimately, that will light up the rest of the world.