ethan lipsitz


Meet ethan 

I am an artist and facilitator focused on empowering creativity as a path to self-actualization and love. I use music, visual art, group singing, meditation, breath, movement and conversation to engage individuals and groups in healing through co-creation.


I founded The Outernet as a space for offline, improvisational group singing. The experience I lead is called a ‘vocal cleanse’ which merges meditation with singing as a process of awakening the body’s inner instrument and bonding a group in harmony.

As a facilitator, I lead 45 - 90 minute vocal cleanses in phone-free, shoe-free Outernet spaces.

The Outernet can also be programmed for events with day-long creative offerings in partnership with other facilitators who engage movement practice, meditation, tea ceremony, group visual arts and more.

I also lead impromptu group songs outside of The Outernet using simple lyrics, ideal for brief interludes in conference and event programming amongst groups and audiences of 50 - 1000 people.