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Moon Circles

Upcoming Dates: January 22, February 3, February 19, March 6, March 22


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Gwen Dittmar is a Business and Personal Coach, Breathwork Guide, and Moon Circle Healer for high-achieving female executives and entrepreneurs. Gwen integrates ancient spiritual wisdom into practical modern life for clients who crave freedom and inner peace without losing their edge or success. Gwen worked in pharmaceutical and biotech research and rose the corporate ladder. She succeeded in creating a life on paper that she thought would make her happy. Yet she realized something was missing. She was living in a spiritual closet and longed for more. Gwen discovered and completed a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology while building her own consulting firm. Soon after graduating, Gwen began professionally coaching fellow researchers, physicians and nurses on experiencing freedom and peace versus auto-pilot and overwhelm.

Over the past ten years of coaching, Gwen has completed various coaching and healing certifications, including a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, The Inquiry Method of Coaching, Breathwork Healer Training 1-4 with David Elliott, and Usui Reiki Mastery with Blossoming Lotus. Gwen has supported clients for the past ten years as a life coach, sober coach, executive coach, and now serving high-achieving, female executives and entrepreneurs who find themselves operating on overwhelm yet craving to slow down and work with their gifts without losing everything they worked so hard to build.

Gwen has moved through numerous life challenges from a young age, including disease to optimal health, addiction to sobriety, corporate to entrepreneur, single motherhood to married motherhood, with an ever-present intention to heal, grow and help others. Clients share that Gwen integrates deep spiritual concepts and psychological tools in authentic, realistic, fun and doable ways.

Gwen has been dancing, meditating, running, swimming, practicing yoga, and studying shamanism as a way to channel energy and movement. Parenting her three-year old son and six-year old daughter continues to be her greatest spiritual practice. To learn more visit


Business and Personal Coaching

We look at where you are, where you would like to be and create a strategy for getting there looking at four main areas: Professionally, Personally, Financially and Spiritually. Professionally entails legalities, niche, positioning, pitch, branding, graphics, website, photos, marketing, social media, testimonials, email lists. Personally entails processing and mindshift around imposter syndrome, sabotage, fear, ego, overwhelm, boundaries, accountability, confidence, worth. Financially includes financial investment, profit and loss, gross and net, taxes, funnels, sales, enrollment, negotiating. Spiritually includes remaining intuitive, in your divine feminine, authenticity, leading, learning, possibility centered, taking responsibility, welcoming self-care, grace, peace, joy and freedom.

Breathwork Sessions and Classes

Breathwork sessions and classes include this simple yet profound, three-part, breathing technique that originates from pranayama yoga. Unlike meditation, where we are aware of the mental chatter, breathwork is an active, efficient, effective technique that will allow you to disconnect from the mind, enter a different state of consciousness, and bring you to a deeper state of connection and love. You will lay down, music will be played and you will actively engage in the three-part breath.

Breathwork benefits include but are not limited to: Reduced stress, tension or constriction. Feelings of openness, love, peace, and gratitude, clarity, connection. Release of trauma or mental, physical and emotional blocks. Release of anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger. Access to unconscious memories relevant to your healing. Deeper states of consciousness and inspiration. Downloads about your work, finances, relationships, health conditions.

Moon Circles

We connect with our bodies and the moon through shamanic rituals, prayer and meditation, astrological insights, inner Goddess work, and intention setting. Then we integrate our intentions into our body and heart through active breathwork. Women leave the circles feeling empowered, peaceful, calm, connected to their body, intuition and inspired for the weeks ahead. We harness power from our varying physical and emotional sensations we get from our menstrual cycle to help and support our bodies, businesses, money and relationships.