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Initial Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment - Establishing Care

The initial session includes a comprehensive health history & Chinese medical diagnostic exam, the creation of a personalized treatment protocol (including # and frequency of treatments, herbal/supplemental prescriptions, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, etc.), and a 30+ minute treatment (utilizing acupuncture + additional modalities such as moxabustion, cupping, or electrical stimulation).

Cupping + Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

In Chinese Medicine the ear is used as a microsystem to treat the entire system. Acupuncture points found on the ear (about 200 points!) can help to regulate the body's internal organs, structures, and functions, as well as harmonize the mind and spirit. Cupping - one of the many wonders of Chinese Medicine. Looks like torture. Feels like bliss. Reminding us that the cowl does not make the monk. Cupping therapy involves the application of cups to the skin along various channels of the body, lifting the tissue up via suction as a means of releasing stagnation and promoting the flow of energy. While the benefits of this therapy are plentiful, it has proven especially powerful in relieving acute and chronic pain, addressing internal organ system imbalances and disease, reducing stress, & promoting sustained relaxation. Many people are familiar with the signature red/purple marks often seen on the backs of those who have recently undergone cupping therapy. These marks indicate the release of toxic heat & stagnation from the deeper levels of the body where they’ve likely been lurking for quite some time. The marks (which are different from bruises) will typically fade in a few days time, but can last longer (i.e., weeks), depending on the condition of the patient. With regular cupping treatments, as the body continues to heal, the discoloration will begin to lessen as well. The healing journey is not linear & often doesn't look pretty, but there is immeasurable beauty in the scars that once were wounds.

Virtual Psychospiritual Embodiment Coaching

In a culture of duality, we learn to dis-integrate our being into minds, bodies, and spirits operating independently of one another, when in truth these facets of our self are as intimately connected as the colors of a rainbow or the fibers of a web. In our time together, we will explore the connections between your physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual health, reawakening and establishing a fully integrated state of well-being, constancy and sense of self in the body that can lead to a transformation of consciousness at the core of your being.

Our bodies are beautiful vehicles for anchoring and animating our energetic, emotional and psychospiritual experience, yet in our forgetting of this truth we are liable to use them unwittingly as storehouses for unprocessed trauma, which eventually manifests as unpleasant or life-threatening dis-ease and dis-order. I view symptoms as the body’s generous attempt to communicate imbalance and the need for change on one or more levels. I utilize a a variety of tools, including, but not limited to the modalities of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, meditation/visualization, breathwork/movement, acupressure, and nature-based practices, to help you break through old, somatically-maintained dysfunctional behavior patterns and cultivate greater vitality, freedom, empowerment, and purpose. For optimal results, a minimum of 6-12 weekly sessions is highly suggested, but not required.


meet hannah

Hannah Fries is a California-based licensed acupuncturist and herbalist (L.Ac.), as well as an Integrative Body Psychotherapy allied professional. She seeks to discover & alchemize the psycho-emotional and spiritual roots of dis-ease and dis-order in the physical body, in order to free her clients from the obstacles that interfere with their innate healing capacity.