helen schmidt


Meet Helen 

Helen's lifelong connection to music led her to Los Angeles in 2010. After spending five years working in the music industry —during which she often consulted the Tarot for guidance— she pivoted career paths to pursue health and wellness full time as a Tarot Reader and a teacher of the Mystics. Helen has shared her gifts under several brands, including Gladys Tamez, Vitruvi, Lighting in a Bottle, Teva, Unique Market, and Wanderlust . She's also the founder of a modern old soul lifestyle brand called, ABRABINAH. She will be debuting her Tarot Deck -that she designed and wrote herself- under this brand.


Helen serves as a channel for the ethereal realm. All readings are navigated by the messages from the Crowley-Thoth Tarot deck then fine-tuned with the Astrological Transits. She takes what she channels and shares them in a way to help you apply them practically in your world. Helping you feel clearer about your reality so you can embrace your free-will. Check out her offerings below to see which session will work best for you.

First Time Tarot Reading

A Holisticism Member Special. This 30-Minute reading is an in-home or over-the-phone Tarot reading where you’ll get to meet Helen, receive a reading, and experience the Tarot.

The 30-Minute Tarot Reading

This 30-Minute reading is in-home or over-the-phone. It’s a great session to book for a simple divine check-in rather than diving into a specific matter. We’ll do this by approaching the cards with no questions, allowing the ethereal realm to channel a message it feels like you need to hear.

The 1-Hour Tarot Reading

This hour long reading is in-home or over-the-phone. It’s a very in-depth session that will give you complete clarity on any situation. We can dig heavy into boy problems, life’s crossroads, career crises, job offers, business development, and so much more! It’s really fun AND constructive.

why we love Helen

"Helen is the Tarot Reader-in-Residence for the oh holisticism newsletter, where she beautifully channels astrologically-themed messages for the whole OH crew. Personally, I love how Helen translates the esotericism of tarot into everyday life; her readings are relatable on the micro level (she helps you find clarity on dating, job stuff, and whether you should buy those shoes you've been dreaming about) and on the macro level ... you know, life purpose stuff. I can't recommend her enough!" 

- Michelle