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money as medicine: healing your money blueprint

Join us for a virtual workshop, lead by astrologer, healer, and Human Design reader Pilar Lesko, where we'll unpack money and spirituality, and how they're intrinsically linked. Learn why loving money is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the planet today — and how exploring Money and Self-Worth is akin to diving deep down the sacred rabbit hole of the subconscious.


Intelligent Authenticity and Connection With Myers-Briggs and Other Spiritual Teachings

Lauren Tisza combines Jungian mental typing, Myers-Briggs, and astrology into one cohesive formula to help you understand yourself — and more importantly, how all of your unique pieces create a whole


Harness Intuition: Your Clairvoyant Awakening

Discover your innate intuitive gifts with Holisticism and Imani Quinn of The Woke Mystix. Learn about the five clairs of clairvoyance — and how to harness your own innate psychic talents.


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