meet infiniti

Hello! I'm Infiniti, and I'm a Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium, Medium, Channel, Diviner, Messenger and Divine Soul Guide. I'm also a passionate Divinely Guided Artist, I'm passionate about pencil illustration, graphic art and photography...All nature and GAIA inspired. I work with people and their animals remotely or in person. I was not always spiritual, or healthy for that matter. Before about 6 years ago I was ultra sick and super depressed and suicidal. I had no idea what I was! And it caused me to live a very sad life.

I've had quite the journey and my website has a lot of information about me, but what I want you to know here is that I am passionate about helping people and animals. Besides being a creator and creating various types of art and inspiring others to do the same in their own way; helping others has always been my thing. I'm so blessed to have journeyed to a place in time to bring me here, not only healthy myself-living a life feeling ultra amazing daily but that I'm able to help people across GAIA and for any and every possible situation they may encounter for them or any child or animal is BEYOND mind bending to me still! I'm in LOVE with my life and so happy to share my gifts with those who are guided. I can help you in many ways, of course it is up to you and your guidance.

From total Infinite Love Light Clearing & Healing for your entire family (pets too!) to Couples Love Light infusion, Eliminating Sexual Dysfunction Issues or Fertility issues...To Divine Soul Guidance, and channeling your late friend, spouse or family member. I work closely with The Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters such as Jesus as well as The Dragons, The Faeries, The Elementals and The Galactics, GAIA herself, and any other Divine Light Being that chose to come through. In Sept of 2018 I began facilitating Live Global Guided Astral Meditations on my YouTube Channel, INFINITI: Psychic Physical Empath-where I spontaneously channel the above mentioned. We worked on working against geoengineering and healing GAIA. I continued this work daily for several months with a few exceptions. At this point I am guided to do them as needed as I focus on my art and working with a wide range of clients.

Earth Angel's/Light Workers of any kind are comfortable with me, and I do consider myself "The Healer's Healer" as most healers aren't comfortable going to other healers, I've found that many are with me. If you are a healer yourself, please consider the type of healings that I do to super charge your own abilities. Why see me for my Healing Services, or Psychic Advice and/or Divine Soul Guidance w/Tarot & Oracle? Simple. You're Probably Being Guided, I get confirmation on this a lot. If you find yourself drawn to me for my services and abilities it is most likely because you are being guided by your Guardian Angels and your Higher/Highest Self to meet at this time, to receive what I can deliver from your Spirit Tribe. There's also a very good chance your Soul recognizes/is drawn to her vibration...That she feels or looks familiar, etc. There is a reason for this. Light & Truth is are very high vibrations. Love is the highest, and she is constantly in these frequencies, so it feels very comforting. There is also a very good chance that you've already connected with I in your astral/dream state on some level so when you consciously come into contact it feels very intense. More than anything I want you to know that I am all about empowerment. I ultimately want you to come into your Super Hero to the maximum! I work to heal and clear you in one session, but that may not be realistic for everyone and what's going on but I learned to shoot for 100% and be ok with whatever the outcome is. I was able to get completely healthy in one healing and clearing, so why not you? The key is choice. Decision, and deciding that anything is possible and decide if you truly DO want to get and be and live better. Some say so, but don't mean it. You must mean it. If you don't mean it just yet, then there's some blockages and I can help you with that too. It's all a process, and there's no right or wrong, or behind schedule.

It's all about evolution, balance and flow... My relationship with my clients are all completely different, I go with what is best for you.


LOVE What is it? And... What is Infinite Love Energy? Pure LOVE ENERGY is the highest vibrational state in the Universe and at the most pure level-it is what our Souls are made of. There is not a frequency that is higher, and we cannot experience a higher state of energy. LOVE is at the heart of all things natural in creation. It is what is in us, what we come from and ultimately what feels the best and most authentic for us. Our bodies and our souls were meant to live in a state of bliss, harmony, joy and LOVE.


Even those who know nothing about energy or working with it would agree that feeling

LOVE Giving LOVE & Receiving

LOVE feels amazing!

Infiniti taps into Infinite Love Light Energy.



Through her intention and spiritual connections, psychic energetic touch she is able to help you release dense, negative energy that is stored in pockets causing energy entanglements. KNOTS OF ENERGY! When your life force energy is tied up and blocked it causes many issues in your BODIES. Physical, Auric, Etheric, Energetic and Spiritual.

INFINITI was so blocked and stuck with old dirty energy before she knew about this stuff and how her Psychic Physical Empath body works (or doesn't) she was very ill with a chronic illness called FIBROMYALGIA. Chances are that you know someone with this illness. It is a very nasty set of circumstances that many people develop, and it's 100% an ENERGY PROBLEM. Please read more about her experiences and journey on her website regarding Fibromyalgia.

Everything is about energy and would be my response to healing anything. Even in a physical trauma, ENERGETIC healing should take place as well so the energy of the trauma doesn't stick and cause problems in the future. This would be the case from anything to surgeries, gun shots, child birth or and even car accidents and rape leave energetic scaring if left untreated.


Once INFINITI finds where your painful/dense spots of energy are that are causing pain or illness or both-she helps your body to release the energy, returning it back to our Source Creator, Mother Father God. INFINITI will ground you into the energy field and core of GAIA. First, she will clear your space and your body of negative energies: entities/attachments/tags/parasites and traumatic thought forms. Thought Forms are any situations that caused an imprint of negative or fear anger based energy that is holding energy from flowing in a positive charge. These circumstances could be in your energetic space and there since CHILDHOOD!

In fact, the chances are that if you haven't been to an energy worker to be CLEARED, then you have some of this energy playing a larger role than you think or would want. Once this negatively charged energy is untangled and released, the pain or issues in your life that are associated with it is remarkably better or completely gone. She will activate, clear out your Chakras address energies associated with the different Chakras and have them come into alignment.

For clients that want to go deeper, she channels GAIA and to give personal messages for each energy center directly to her clients throughout this chakra clearing process, it does take much longer in the session-however, for those who really want to tap into the deepest personal information in order to heal in the deepest way possible, this is recommended but may not be for everyone. Once you are grounded, cleared and charged in a positive flow, INFINITI BLASTS you with LOVE LIGHT ENERGY directly to your heart so it can infuse with every red and white blood cell in your physical body as the energy aligns with your other bodies. This will alter the state of your bodies forever. From that point forward you are running at a much better, stronger, higher vibration than before. You are grounded and cleared and empowered in a very intense high vibrational way that is IMPOSSIBLE to return to your previous state and all of her clients have agreed-"I'm a different person."

THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND. Energies were released that you HAD in your bodies. After that, it's getting your bodies used to the new you and to FLOW with the changes and the information that comes-what is needed for YOUR body.

This transformation and detox continues for several days and weeks after a healing session. If you work with the general public often it is recommended to repeat a session as needed/guided by your body and Spirit Tribe. Mini sessions are also available.