Jacqueline Bain


Meet jacqueline 

I am a philosopher of consciousness, a practitioner of mindfulness, a giver of gratitude and an awakener of awareness. I am here to witness you and to help you to recognize yourself. You are alive to live in this expression and form to fullest capacity, and I'm here to reflect as you shine a light into shadowed corners you have hidden from yourself. We can breathe balance into existence.

My journey is a multifaceted amalgamation of yoga, spirituality, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanism, Buddhism, psychology, Reiki, holistic wellness, mindfulness, and other healing modalities. I am always working on myself in order to better serve you in clarity, kindness, and compassion.



Whenever we are stressed, depressed, and craving connection, we can come back to the breath. Breath becomes the new baseline. We always have an opportunity for clarity and consideration, and we carry the tool with us at all times. Breathing with awareness and attention calms the mind, settles the spirit, and invigorates the energy.

Breathwork is an active meditation process that allows us to activate our potential by breathing through blocks and stuck emotions in the body. Breath yoga, or Pranayama, is a practice that is thousands of years old. Breathing in a systematic pattern allows for the release of tension in the body and brings spaciousness to the mind. Breathwork sessions can range from relaxing and meditative to evocative and deeply healing. Traumas, both large and small, are stored in the body and may be released through a breathwork session. It is my honor to serve you and support you in a healing space.