jacqueline quach


meet jacqueline

I'm Jacqueline, an empath born and bred in Los Angeles. I work with clients to help them manifest the lives they desire and release what no longer serves them. I've always been called to give guidance to and help others from an early age, and I'm blessed to do it in my work.

My path as a healer began when she received energy healing for the first time. It led to a powerful epiphany that my purpose was to help others heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Since then, energy work has been my chosen medium for healing. I'm here to help others heal and thrive.


Energy Healing Session

A 50 minute session in which subconscious/unconscious blockages are removed. We will also clear past life issues, trapped emotions, traumas from this life, and blockages that prevent you from manifesting your deepest desires.