kristine mahan


Meet kristine 

Kristine Mahan is a board-certified Master Nutrition Therapist, owner of Function of Well Nutrition, and the author of "The Hormone Solutions" and "Meal Prep Workbook". Kristine guides people in her practice through a patient-centered model of care to regain hormonal balance and prevent dysfunction and disease for the long haul.

Healing her own health challenges with functional, integrative approaches taught her to look at the root cause of dysfunction. As a practitioner, Kristine looks at the whole body to treat the root cause of disease and dysfunction, not just isolated symptoms.

The paradigm of conventional health care that doesn't have time to address root causes left Kristine as the unheard patient more times than not. Health challenges from the likes of bursting ovarian cysts to severe mold toxicity that left her unable to eat for months were healed by guidance to alternative models of addressing illness. Experience, though rough, also helped her see mission for her life.

Functional approaches to optimal health begin with quality nutrients that build you up and pay attention to the interconnectedness of mind and body for wellbeing. With experience on her side and two years of intense graduate education in functional nutrition and health, Kristine guides people to their root cause of dysfunction, making space for optimal health in the long haul.


Functional Nutrition Therapy and Health Guidance

Sessions (in-person in Denver, or by phone).

Complimentary Intro Calls (15 minutes), Initial Consults (90 mins), Consults (60 mins), Check-In Calls (15 mins), Grocery Store Tours (60 mins)