jacquelyn lippert


Meet jacquelyn 

Jacque is a yoga teacher and reiki facilitator. She recently moved to LA from Kansas City and is excited to learn and grow in a new environment. After moving to a DC in 2014 Jacque found a consistent yoga practice that helped her bring awareness and understanding to the depression and anxiety that was plaguing her daily life. Finding a way to mindfully move allowed her to reconnect her mind and body and eventually to tap into a deeper connection with her soul. She began teaching in 2016 as a way to give back to a community that had allowed her to show up in any condition. In 2017 she was introduced to Reiki and immediately knew she wanted to become a Reiki master.

Fast forward to today, her personal mission is to leave every person, place and thing better than when I found it. Each session and class is personalized to meet your wants and needs to help facilitate a healing environment that was made just for you. Heart forward and head high.


Virtual Reiki Healing

We will start our call with a quick check in. We'll bring awareness to your breathe and begin a guided meditation as we work our way through the 7 main energy chakras to increase alignment and awareness. You will receive a follow up email with the key messages, all that is asked of you is to sit back and be present. Cards and crystals will be used as a tool during this session.

Live Reiki Healing

After a quick verbal check in you will lay on a massage table (fully clothed) under a blanket. During this session we will work to clear blocked or stagnant energy centers. The session will end with another quick touch base to ground your energy back down and to go over any questions or advice based on what came up during your session. Cards, crystals, and essential oils will be utilized during this session.

Virtual Private Yoga Class

Utilizing Skype I will guide you through a 60 minute yoga practice. This practice will be personalized based on your goals and needs, to be discussed before the first session.

Live Private Yoga Class

Based on your personal goals and needs, I will craft a 60 minute yoga class tailored for you. Hands on assist and adjustments can be utilized as a tool to deepen and intensify your practice.


“Jacquelyn has a big heart that can be felt directly while receiving her distance healing! Her gentleness and confidence work together beautifully to hold you as you receive. We're especially keen on her virtual reiki sessions with a chakra balancing meditation.”   - Ali