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Tarot Reading at Parties

Reading for any sort of party or group event in any sort of setting. Tone of the readings are tailored to nature of the gathering. Experience in all sorts of settings (bars, non-profit events, birthday parties, office events, &c).

Individual Reading

An individual tarot reading in person, via video chat, or written down. An individual reading will use 7-10 cards to engage deeply with a question about a life circumstance or emotion.

Individual Reading With Accompanying Playlist

An individual reading and a Spotify playlist of 8-12 songs reflecting the cards pulled and themes of the reading.


tarot reading subscriptions

Individual Tarot Reading Subscription

1 individual tarot reading per month

Redeem a Session

Individual Tarot Reading with Accompanying Playlist Subscription

1 individual tarot reading and playlist per month

Redeem a Session


meet jamie

Jamie Beckenstein is a tarot reader, oral historian, and writer based out of New York City. They have a history of teaching, theater, and administrative work in addition to writing, including writer at multiple professional writers' residencies. They do organizing work in and with trans communities and have a BA from Hampshire College in interview-based storytelling. Jamie specializes in reading with trans, queer/LGBTQ+, and disability questions in addition to questions about emotional interaction with entertainment media (TV, books, &c). They work heavily with the ways that the magic of tarot mixes with modern media, particularly the relationship between tarot and music.