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As a reiki master, vegan chef, and life coach, Jenna has found a way to bridge the gap between holistic practice and holistic living.  While finishing her degree in radiology, she realized that traditional methods of healthcare did not fulfil her core need to help others. She then went on to study Dr. Mikao Usui reiki and crystal reiki. She integrates intuitive guidance, the power of reiki, and sound therapy to align the mind, body and spirit.

She felt a calling to work in healing energetic arts. Spiritual technology is the future of health. As a natural intuitive, she is able to tune into and connect with astral bodies and subtle energies. Jenna is a conduit of Reiki energy as she interacts with the divine oneness within. She is devoted to bringing the power of reiki energy to those that need it most.

Jenna is dedicated to uplifting souls through multi-dimensional energy healing to bring about balance and bliss.


Sound and Reiki Session
Each session begins with a moment of introspection to set an intention for the treatment. The 60 minute sound and Reiki session consists of a full body Reiki treatment with aura cleansing and chakra balancing. Binaural Beats, nature sounds or instrumental music will be played.

Sound and Crystal Reiki Session
The 90 minute sound and Crystal Reiki sessions consists of a full body treatment with intention setting, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing. Comforting sounds are played as you deeply relax. Charged crystals are placed on and around the body to enhance energetic transformation.