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Love Coach (one-on-one)

I help you uncover your blocks to love, move on from disappointments in your past, and reconnect with your truth, so you can finally get the relationship you crave. These comprehensive sessions tap into your mind, body, and soul to offer authentic transformation that lasts.

→ Generative trance and NLP to shift neuro-pathways in your mind

→ Breathwork, tapping, and energy work to transform the emotions from your energy body

→ Kundalini yoga to connect with your spirit This work is only for humans who are ready to truly transform every area of their life. For this reason, I do not offer single sessions, only packages. To learn more schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

HEART the life-altering women's mastermind

My own transformational journey lead me to deep self-connection and love. I knew I had to share my process for finding love with others, so I created a five-step process called HEART, the same process I used to connect to my truth and fall in love with my soul partner. Each step is powerful on its own and magic when used together.

This process has proven wildly successful among my one-on-one clients, and my mastermind students are getting incredible results from this structured program.

In this comprehensive four-month journey you will . . .

→ Learn how to recognize and easily disrupt your subconscious patterns, so you can end your cycles of bad relationships.

→ Heal from trauma and relationships from your past, so you can release stuck emotions and stop letting pain define your future.

→ Fall deeply in love with yourself, so you become a magnet for the soulful love you deeply crave This program is by application only. To learn more schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

Feng Shui Consultation

My goal is to make your home your sanctuary, the place you come to rejuvenate and feel supported. I use the ancient art of Feng Shui to make that happen. Your living spaces should fully support you in bringing about positive changes to your career and relationships. Move your stuff, change your life. Sometimes it can be that easy. However, Feng Shui is even more powerful for people "doing the work" and many find it’s been the missing element all along. There are three types of energy all around us. Soul energy is the energy you came to this life with, Human energy is the energy you radiate personally (this is the energy we effect with personal growth work) and earth energy The is the energy of our environment. The is why proper Feng Shui is so valuable. Many of my clients are amazed at the difference Feng Shui makes in their lives! Did you know that Feng Shui can help you bring love, career opportunities, and cash flow into your life? Do you want to improve your health, energy, or focus? Are you feeling blocked in your career, lethargic, or just overwhelmed with anxiety? Would you like help with family harmony or fertility? Feng Shui has cures for these areas and so much more, and I can personalize a solution for your home and help you design a life you love!

What to expect from a Feng Shui consultation:

→ Suggestions for how to create optimal energy in your space through furnishings, positioning, color theory, paints, finishes, and interior accessories

→ Insight into your personal Feng Shui element—and those of your family members—and practical solutions for how to bring balance and harmony through the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood

→ Strategies for clearing clutter and identification of energy stagnation caused by architectural or interior design

→ Suggestions for cures including crystals, mirrors, fountains, and artwork

→ Analysis of your home’s footprint and exterior including missing corners and entryway positioning

→ Consultation prior to construction can help you decide how to best position your main entrance, additional doors, and windows for optimal energy flow There are virtual sessions on Zoom


meet jenner

Jenner Linden is the only love coach offering a comprehensive approach to manifesting love. She helps driven women find deep, committed partnership in a world full of shallow dating apps.

Thirteen years ago her own heartbreak lead her down a path of profound transformation.

After learning from the worlds top leaders, teacher and healers she realized they each only shared just one piece of the puzzle. By combining the best that she learned into her own personal system, she met and fell in love with her now husband in just a few short months.

This system is now her wildly successful five-step process called HEART. Each step is powerful on its own and magic when used together.