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Intuitive Counseling Sessions

Intuitive guidance combined with a holistic counseling approach will help you create tangible shifts in your life. I'll use my psychic abilities to bring profound clarity to even the most complex issues you're facing. In these sessions we go deep, and we get a lot done quickly—often working through longstanding issues in just one session. We'll address your past, present, and future and improve your connection to your own intuition—so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Breathwork Healing Sessions

Breathwork is a powerful self-healing tool that works on a somatic level to clear emotional pain, trauma, limiting beliefs, and old patterns from the subconscious and the nervous system. It's ideal if you're feeling stuck in your life and are ready to reconnect with your power, intuition, creativity, and self-love or if you'd like to release strong emotions like anger or grief.

Intuitive Counseling + Breathwork Healing Combo

These sessions combine Intuitive Counseling with Breathwork to provide you with a holistic healing experience. We'll begin with Intuitive Counseling to give you clarity and support around whatever issues you're facing, and then move into a full Breathwork Healing session to release what needs to be cleared, connect you with your own energy, and invite in the vibration of self love for deep healing.


meet jessica

Jessica is a Psychic Medium and Breathwork Healer offering grounded, practical, holistic support for healing and transformation. In addition to her natural psychic abilities, Jessica brings over 20 years of experience as a healer and teacher, including extensive experience in psychology, trauma healing, nutrition, wellness, and parenting. She is known for walking the walk with regards to her own growth and healing, making her a particularly well-equipped guide for others. A teacher at heart, Jessica empowers her clients with practical tools to develop their intuition, work with their energy, and dissolve old patterning and blocks that are keeping them stuck.