Weird + Wonderful: Lymphatic Drainage Massage


I’m totally fascinated by the theory that our bodies store emotional trauma. It’s actually more than a theory—it’s been proven to be true, and research suggests that certain exercise and physical therapy (like massage, or ROLFing) can help patients deal with emotional blockages.

So when I met Anna Zahn of Ricari Studios, I was enthralled. Anna performs lymphatic drainage massage on her clients by working on their fascia. She uses a specialized machine to deeply stimulate the body’s fascia—it kind of feels like a gentle vacuum with rolling balls that rotate and massage your skin—to encourage the lymphatic detoxification. Not only does this feel fucking amazing, you actually notice a difference in the appearance of your skin and the look of cellulite. (Better results than a traditional facial, IMO)  

Yes, what Anna does helps you physically look better. But it’s also deeply emotionally therapeutic. She works on a particularly mysterious body system—the fascia—that’s often overlooked and ignored. And evidence suggests that much of our trauma is stored in our fascia … So maybe it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that by working on it, you’re kind of indulging in an alternative form of therapy? IDK, but I’m into it.

We sat down with Anna to learn more about what she does—the 27-year-old also happens to be a badass business owner—how she found her calling, and what’s next.

1. OK, explain what you do, but pretend we're a bunch of six-year-olds.

Ricari specializes in detoxifying, cellular stimulation, with a focus on flushing the lymphatic system. Lymphatic Body Sculpting is a noninvasive connective tissue treatment that combines neuromuscular massage, myofascial release techniques, and lymphatic drainage. The treatment is given using a non invasive FDA cleared category 1 medical device called Cellu M6 Integral 2 manufactured by LPG systems.

Treatments condition and stimulate skin tissue to naturally eliminate fat deposits, tighten sagging skin, revitalize blood, lymphatic circulation, and reactivate lipolysis (the body's natural breakdown of fat cells). Sessions also incorporate infrared healing, breath work, essential oils, and comprehensive suggestions to improve your at home health routines. Most importantly it will allow your body to regain the important immune system network, so that you are better equipped to fend off the daily barrage of unwanted toxins from everyday life.

2. How did you fall into the world of lymphatic massage?

I have always been interested in health and wellness. If you come to my home in Venice I have a sauna in the backyard, bio mats on my couch, Ziip nano current devices on my nightstand, you name it. I discovered the type of lymphatic massage that I now perform with the machine about 5 years ago via a friend. After I had a treatment done, I noticed such a significant difference in my body that I knew I had to pursue this as my path and share the incredible health benefits with clients and friends alike. It really is like magic. At the end of each of my sessions I am still to this day blown away by how much I can transform my clients' bodies.

3. For you, what was the most dramatic change / benefit that you saw on your own body that made you want to bring this to the masses?

I notice the difference in my body if I don’t do treatments on myself at least once every couple of weeks depending on lifestyle (exercise, eating, etc). I become swollen and energetically feel incredibly fatigued. Before I began treatments, I had significant fatty deposits on my thighs, which I have been able to sculpt away over time. I also have noticed the immune benefits—I used to get sick at least a few times a year. I now am able to fend off colds and feel that overall I have more energy.

4. What can someone expect after 1 session? 5 sessions? Six months of regular therapy?

After one session, you will become less swollen, more toned. After 5 sessions (and with continued maintenance) I am able to really sculpt problem areas and rework where your body deposits fatty cells. You will also see increased energy levels and overall feel more healthy (and toned).

5. What's one thing you wish more women knew about their bodies?

The human body is incredibly malleable, and through targeted treatments and exercise, we can actually transform our bodies.

6. As a business owner and woman, where do you need support? And on the flip side, how do you want to support others?

I love that I am able to create a space for my clients to relax, decompress, and work through their energetic and cellular blockages. I am always inspired by the shifts we make together in both the mind and body. As a business owner, I love the support I receive from friends and clients, and am honored that everything we have achieved together has been done by referral only. Now we’ve opened up outside of referral come visit :)

Reach out to Anna at and she'll hook you up. xx

Michelle Pellizzon