Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Helen Schmidt is one of those women who just oozes old soul wisdom with a new school swagger. Amongst other things, Helen is an astrology expert and tarot reader. But before she stepped into the mystic, she had an impressive career in the music industry. As a result, Helen is hip, and chill, and tuned in af. Like, get excited. Because she’s reading our Tarotscope—and teaching us a little Tarot 101.

What, exactly, is a tarotscope? Welp, when the sun moves into a new zodiac sign, it gives us a chance to work on the themes that sign represents. And by pulling a card, we can use the Tarot as a practical tool for what to work on from a personal development perspective.

Basically, the zodiac sign gives us a theme, and the card gives us a specific focus.

We move into Scorpio season on October 23rd (Monday!). Helen did a special Tarotscope reading for the oh holisticism group—see below for the card she pulled, and what it means for the next lunar cycle. 


Scorpio is a fixed water sign that reaches far beneath the surface to the unknown. Pluto, the planet of the underworld, rules this sign - so it literally goes to hell and back. It’s this ability to go where no one will that makes them stronger when they return. An ever-evolving cycle of death and rebirth.

This is your time to work on releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore. Releasing gives you space for transformation.

"In the interest of our highest good, what should we know about releasing during this season?"

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We Pulled: 7 of Wands

During this Scorpio Season, releasing will be done around how we view our own creations and ourselves. 7 of Wands teaches us that when we don’t put enough of our own love into our own creations and ourselves, it loses its shine and purpose. This is the ego taking over, which blinds us from seeing our own beauty. Yes, it’s nice to get noticed on the things we work really hard on, but appraisal from others should come secondary to our own. Instead, focus on the love and passion you have for your projects … don’t get concerned with trying to win accolades for your work. That’ll take you off the path. Say good-bye to things like not feeling good enough and the act of comparing to others. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?


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Here’s how you can use Tarot (or Oracle) cards to help you release:

  • Journal about one thing you want to release.
  • Shuffle the cards and think about that thing you want to release. Fan the cards into a half moon shape.
  • Ask your cards: In the interest of our highest good, what should we know about releasing during this season?
  • Scan the cards. Pull the card that is grabbing your attention. It holds the answer.
Michelle Pellizzon