Crown Chakra Haircut

Crown Chakra Clearing Haircut and Treatment with Andi Scarbrough  

I had zero clue about what to expect when I showed up to my Crown Chakra Clearing appointment at Andi’s salon in Venice—honestly, I’d heard there was a rose quartz comb and maybe a little reiki involved, and that was pretty much all I knew. After a couple of stressful weeks of life, I was hoping I’d leave our session feeling clear-minded and balanced. Well holy shit, was I blown away by what actually went down.

Part-energy healer, part-hair magician, Andi’s treatments are customized per her client’s needs so everyone has a different experience. Aromatherapy, crystals, tarot, reiki, talk therapy, intuitive readings—nothing’s off limits (as long as you’re OK with it!) once you plop down into her chair. Scarbrough walked me through a few healing exercises, but the biggest takeaway for me from our time together were the exercises she recommended I start practicing regularly to tap into my intuition + inner guidance.  Oh, and the haircut she gave me? Its 🔥

If you need a trim, color touch up, or need to work through some stuff, I’d highly recommend booking an appointment via email at