Da Fuq Are Angel Numbers?

The number 1111 had very little significance to me until a few weeks ago. I’d occasionally glance at the clock and catch it for a second before it turned to 11:12, and sometimes I’d smile remembering that I got my first kiss right at 11:11, at the ripe old age of 16. (I was a late bloomer, what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

But then during my Crown Chakra haircut, Andi brought up the concept of angel numbers. 

ME: “Huh?”
ANDI: “Angel numbers are sets of recurring numbers like 1111 or 23232 that you just start seeing out of nowhere. They’re basically little signs that remind you to open up and start listening, because something out there is trying to send you a message.”
ME: “Whoa.”

This might be surprising, but I’m sort of an optimistic skeptic at heart. I really want all the woo-woo stuff to be legit, but I tend to give it the side-eye until I see it work. (This includes my opinions on/ experiences with: reiki, astrology, meditation, kombucha, vegan nut cheese, etc.) So when Andi told me about angel numbers, I sort of filed the info away into the “TBD” section of my brain.

Of course, angel numbers immediately started popping up everywhere. I started noticing recurring number patterns more often after Andi mentioned it. But even weirder, the conversation popped up four separate times in the past two weeks COMPLETELY without my influence—amongst friends at a yoga class, on a date, at a work meeting, and finally in a meditation class with Kelsey Patel this week. (Speaking of sweet baby angels, ohmygosh get to Kelsey’s class at the DEN, she’s dynamite.)

K fine, I get the fucking message.  Let’s talk angel numbers, people.

Doreen Virtue is kind of the HBIC when it comes to angel stuff. She says: “One of the most common signs the angels send us are number sequences such as 111, 333, and 1234. Numbers are among the primary tools that angels use to communicate with us.”

 Virtue also says that seeing the same number multiple times has meaning. Let’s say you keep looking at the clock at 4:31, and then see it on a license plate on the way to a job interview, then get a hot date with someone whose number starts with 431 … apparently, that number contains a message. You can conveniently look up the meanings of numbers on DV’s iPhone and Android app … or you can parse it out for yourself. Here are the basic messages behind every digit, according to Sage Goddess:

0 – You are receiving divine guidance and reassurance on your path.
1 – Keep your thoughts positive, focus on your desires and suppress your fears. Your thoughts create reality.
2 – Stay optimistic and continue to hold the vision, even through tough times.
3 – Your guides are with you offering love and wisdom.
4 – Your angels are surrounding you to offer assistance in this exact moment.
5 – Positive change is coming. Ask your angels to help you manifest this change.
6 – Release fear, embrace trust, and find balance between the spiritual and material realms.
7 – Your path is aligned with Divine fortune. Pay attention to new opportunities.
8 – Infinite success and abundance are yours, in alignment with your Higher Purpose.
9 – It is time to begin the work of your Soul Path, now that you have all you need.
11 – Your intuition is on target. Keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and your greatest dreams.
22 – Be patient, your prayers have been received and will soon be realized if you continue to work towards them.

Here’s the thing: I do believe that the universe sends us little winks and signs when we’re on the right path and paying attention. I’m unsure if I fully grasp the meaning behind each number, but it feels kind of nice to look at the clock at catch 11:11 or see that I got an important email at 2:22 … it reminds me to stay true and on track, be easy and trust that things work out, and to entertain the possibility of magic.

Michelle Pellizzon