Full Moon Rituals 101


Since we kicked this thing off in June, we’ve seriously grown our ranks. (If you’re new to oh holisticism, hi!!!!! Thanks for reading! We like you a lot! Happy to have you!) It occurred to me that I joke a lot about doing weird moon shit, but we haven’t really dug into what the full moon means.

So consider this Full Moon Stuff 101.

I didn’t really give an eff about where the planets were in the sky … or what to “do” during the various stages of the moon cycle. This is partially because I thought doing a moon circle or whatever was silly, superstitious hippie stuff  that was too touchy-feely, and partially because I didn’t want to believe that the moon actually has any effect on our decision making processes or moods.

Herearefacts. that prove the moon effects our actions.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OK, so let’s say you’re intrigued. You wanna drink the moon cycle Kool-Aid—maybe not a full 8 oz., but you’d throw back a shot or two. What are you supposed to do during a full moon?

Think of following the moon cycles like a monthly goal setting exercise, but for hippies. During the new moon, you write down your intentions for the month—the things you want to get done, accomplish, manifest. That's a type-A goal situation if I ever saw one. 

During the full moon, you release—review your life and previous new moon list, and cross out the things that don’t feel good anymore or aren’t a good use of your energy. Edit your goals. If you wanna get really dramatic, you can write down all the things you’re releasing and burn your list.  

Essentially what you’d do if you set goals for yourself in your planner at the beginning of every month, right? Except with more fire and crystals. BTW, if you’re into crystals, lay them out in the moonlight tonight—the light of the full moon recharges, detoxifies, and recalibrates their energy.


  1. Find some quiet space to yourself 24-48 hours around the time of the Full Moon.

  2. Get quiet and mindful with a little meditation, a bath, or yoga. Burn a little palo santo. Get sexy with it, why not?

  3. Write down a list of what you’d like to release—it can be expectations, negative emotions, trauma, or even gratitude for a goal or intention that’s come to fruition.

  4. Burn your list in a well-ventilated space (no dumpster fires, plz). Or simply acknowledge to yourself that you’re moving on and flip to the next page in your journal.

  5. Lay out your crystals in the moonlight. Maybe play “Black Magic Woman” to freak out your neighbors. Feel your vibes.

Michelle Pellizzon