Get Familiar With Your Natal Chart


Personally, I’ve always been a tiny bit obsessed with the idea of horoscopes, but I never really felt my sign's predictions applied to me

And then Ambi opened up my eyes to the concept of a Natal Chart and holy shit, my mind was blown. Not to be an asshole, but if you’re reading your horoscope on the reg but don’t know the deets of your natal chart, you’re kind of wasting your time. 


'k, so what is it? 

A natal chart is a basically a freeze-frame of what the heavens looked like during the moment you were born. The planets are constantly in motion, so no two natal charts are the same. In order to get an accurate chart, you need to know your birth time, place, and date.


Got it. So why is it better than just reading my normal Sun sign horoscope? 

Reading your chart and seeing where the planets and stars fall in each house/section can tell you pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about yourself (and a lot of shit that you DON’T want to admit about yourself but is probably pretty true. Tough love, man). Your chart can tell you everything from the way you might act in romantic relationships, to how you respond to authority figures, to which career could be the best for you to pursue, to if you’re more of a dog or cat person. Keyword here is “might”—you have your own free will, my guy. Your natal chart just shows you your highest potential … it doesn’t tell the future or cause you to act in any certain way. You are your own person! Just because you have Mars in Aries doesn't mean you have to chose to be dick. 

For this reason, understanding your natal chart and some of the key notes on your chart like your Moon sign, Ascendant or Rising sign, Midheaven sign, and Venus can make reading your horoscope a lot more accurate and helpful. Knowing these details helps you kinda zero in on where your areas of opportunity are in day to day life, plus illuminates why certain planetary transits like Mercury in Retrograde or a Full Moon in Capricorn affect you more than others.


I'm intrigued. 

You should be.  

Get your natal chart here.


Whoa, that’s a lot of info.

I know, kind of overwhelming, right? But really cool? I have mine bookmarked on my browser, because there’s no way I can remember all this stuff off the top of my head.


Now what?

Now that you’ve got a clearer picture of your personal zodiac, there are a few things you can pay attention to in order to make astrology work even more accurately for you:

  • Read horoscopes for your Sun sign and your Rising sign because both affect you, and it makes sense to pay attention to what’s forecasted for each. One might resonate more than the other, depending on the week.

  • Make note of your Moon sign, which represents the inner you and your feels. 

  • See if there is an overwhelming amount of a certain sign or signs in your chart. If you’ve got Capricorn popping off in five different houses, you’re gonna feel the effects of Full Moon in Capricorn more than someone who has zero Capricorn in their chart.

  • Do your friends/parents/Bumble date/boss! It’s kind of a fun party trick, and it might help you understand them a little better. Yeah, and it's totally not creepy to demand to know someone’s birthplace and exact birth time. Not even a little weird. 

  • Don’t take it too seriously. It should be fun, yah know? 

Wanna dig even deeper into this stuff? Work with a pro astrologer—I’m obsessed with LA locals  Ambi Sitham and Danielle Beinstein—to get a full reading of your chart.

Michelle Pellizzon