Grounding + Soul Walking

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve been successfully off the grid for at least 48 hours. Let’s hope my natural deodorant is still working and I haven’t eaten all the chocolate out of the trail mix already.

Growing up, I wasn’t part of an outdoorsy family. We liked being very clean and not spending time together, thank-you-very-much. Camping? Gross.

But a few years ago I had a breakthrough experience on a camping trip that sold me on the whole ‘nature’ thing. Since then, I’ve been a little obsessed with learning about how spending time outside actually boosts our creativity, intuition, and connection. I’ve noticed that I feel more like myself when I chill out with nature for a few hours.

I’ve had a lot of my weirdest, most lovely ‘aha moments’ happen while off the grid in the middle of some forest. But while I really like camping, I also really like wifi and sleeping in my bed and not having to worry about bugs crawling into my ears, which is my absolute worst nightmare. Plus, getting away for a few days sans work can be tough.

Good news: There’s kind of a hack for that. You can try grounding, or if you’re feeling super weird, soul walking. You don’t need to be in a remote camp spot to use them, but you’ll probably reap the most benefits by getting outside to try them. Both will connect you to the world around you and improve your intuition.


  1. Stand barefooted on grass, earth, sand, etc. Something natural.

  2. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye (that spot right between your eyebrows). Spread your toes and relax your feet into the ground.

  3. Imagine you’re growing roots into the ground, tapping into the energy of the earth below you.

  4. Think about your energy resonating and shining through your body, from your feet all the way out of the top of your head.


Adapted from ‘The Intuitive Way,’ by Penney Peirce

  1. Imagine your soul is standing behind you as a light body. It places its energy hands on your shoulders, then gently steps inside your physical body, permeating every cell and matching up part for part.

  2. Now your eyes are the soul’s eyes, your hands the soul’s hands, feet the soul’s feet, etc.

  3. Let your soul guide you from within by first taking you on a walk. Where does the soul want to go? What does the soul cause you to notice, and to think?

  4. Expand this practice to a more complex activity, like going to a party, to work, or to the market.

Michelle Pellizzon