Human Design Chart Reading with Jenna Zoe

Human Design Chart Reading with Jenna Zoe

Personality test meets astrology reading

I’d heard about Human Design System—a modern system of reading a person’s energy “type” based on when and where you were born—a while ago, but was still a little skeptical about the whole thing. This week I sat down with Jenna Zoe to get a Skype reading of my personal Human Design Chart, and whoa. I was impressed.

Human Design is a relatively new system that involves aspects of astrology and energy reading to determine a person’s psychology and organize them as one of four different types. Each type has different strengthsweaknesses, and patterns. Proponents of Human Design believe that your soul chose when to be born, and therefore you chose which “type” you wanted to be in this lifetime in order to achieve your soul's purpose.

Plz reserve your side-eye for a second ... Because Jenna gave me the MOST accurate reading, ever. She nailed the minutiae of my personality but more importantly, she gave me some very actionable steps to take to become more efficient at work. She also shed some light on why I react the way I do—and how to be better—in personal relationships. 

Chat with Jenna for a detailed reading of your Human Design Chart. Bonus: She’s got this adorable British accent, which just makes everything cheery and lovely! Send her a message on Instagram to snag an appointment. 

Michelle Pellizzon