I Wish Every Damn Day Was a Cacao Ceremony Day

Strawberry Full Moon Circle + Cacao Ceremony

Even if you're not into the woo-woo mysticism that surrounds the moon, there's something so lovely about gathering together with a group of like-minded people to set intentions and let go of what doesn't serve you once a month. A moon circle is basically new age goal setting session, right? 

But every moon circle I've experienced pales in comparison to the ones that Maria Kupuli hosts. A shaman and healer, Maria works with the sacred drink (and superfood) cacao.

Using fresh cacao that's grown on a sustainable farm in South America (which just happens to have white quartz in the ground beneath it, meaning that shit is basically infused with good vibes from the start), she leads the group through a traditional cacao drinking ceremony. There's music, singing, meditation, intention setting, and releasing—sometimes she'll even whip out the tarot deck and crystals, too. 

If you're a total skeptic when it comes to this sort of stuff, you'll still feel a physical shift in your body after the ceremony thanks to the cacao. I can't recommend it enough. 

Michelle Pellizzon